Mr. Peter P. Nerbun

The Case for the Face, pages 195-196 Work cited in determining when MGS was in position to have imaged Cydonia Position statement: "On January 31, 2001, a new image of the Face at Cydonia was released to the public by JPL/MSSS. After studying this image, I believe that it adds significant new detail to the western eye as it was seen previously in the image dated April 5, 1998. As seen in this new image, the correct relative orientation of the edges of the upper and lower eyelids, the pupil, the iris, and the plica semilunaris is clear. Cumulatively these features represent an integration of structure that is exceedingly unlikely toexist as a result of geologic processes. Given this level of structural integration, I respectfully request that JPL target the eastern side of the Face at its first opportunity so that we may see if these features are symmetrically distributed across the entire structure."