Dr. Horace Crater (President, SPSR) *

Papers on anomaly research: Coauthored with Stanley V. McDaniel, "Mound Configurations on the Martian Cydonia Plain" Journal of Scientific Exploration Vol13, #3 (1999). This paper describes highly nonrandom angular placements of mound-like features in the vicinity of the Face. The placements are consistent (in some instances to high accuracy) with the nodes of a grid based on the sqrt(2) rectangle. Coauthored with Tom Van Flandern, Mark Carlotto, Lan Fleming, James Erjavec, John Levasseur, "Evidence of Planetary Artifacts", submitted for publication. This paper presents an analysis of secondary features on the Cydonia face, strongly disfavoring the natural origin hypothesis. Coauthored with John P. Levasseur, "Face-like Feature at West Candor Chasma, Mars MSSS MGS Image AB108403" , submitted for publication. This paper describes a face-like feature positioned on the side a cliff and a profile image on a level plane. In my opinion, these papers, together with Carlotto's statistical and imaging papers and the recent higher MGS resolution image of the eye feature of the Face, present convergent evidence of possible intentional past activity on Mars. I feel that it is important the research material on anomalies be not only presented for peer review to journals such as the Journal of Scientific Exploration which explore scientific topics out of the mainstream, but also that editors of more mainstream peer reviewed journals such as Nature and Science have enough confidence in the scientific background and integrity of their pool of referees to permit them to judge the merits of submitted research papers on anomalies.