Dr. Brian Oleary Websites: www.brianoleary.info and www.montesuenos.org

  • First NASA Scientist-Astronaut appointed to their Mars program in 1967 (later cancelled)
  • Ph.D. thesis at UC Berkeley on the optical properties of Mars
  • later about fifty publications regarding Mars Served on the Cornell faculty with the infamous Carl Sagan 1968-71
  • Officer of the AAS Div. of Planetary Sciences and the American Geophysical Union,
  • AAAS Fellow, World Innovation Foundation (UK) Fellow
  • Served on the faculties of Caltech (1971)
  • UC Berkeley (1972)
  • Hampshire (1972-75) and Princeton (1975-82)
  • University of Philosphophical Research (2002-)
  • Senior Congressional Staff for Rep. Morris Udall when he ran for President
Relevant books:
  • The Making of an ex-Astronaut, Houghton Mifflin (1970)
  • The Fertile Stars, Everest House (1981)
  • The New Solar System (with K. Beatty and A. Chaikin), Sky Publishing (1981)
  • Project Space Station, Stackpole (1983)
  • Mars 1999, Stackpole (1987)
  • Exploring Inner and Outer Space, North Atlantic (1989)
  • The Second Coming of Science, North Atlantic (1993)
  • Miracle in the Void, Kamapua'a (1996)
  • Re-Inheriting the Earth, Brian O'Leary (2003)
  • The Energy Solution Revolution (2009).
Also several technical volumes were edited during my tenure at Princeton between 1976 and 1982.

Currently a co-creator and faculty member of Montesueños, a retreat center for peace, sustainability, the arts and new science located in the Andes of Ecuador.